MAX SUPPLY: 200,000,000

Terakohin Tokens Allocation

Private Sale
10,000,000 $TRK
10.02% on TGE will be released and 8.18% every month until the 12th months.
20,000,000 $TRK
10.02% on TGE will be released and 8.18% every month until the 12th months.
Public Sale
25,000,000 $TRK
15,000,000 $TRK
Staking Rewards
40,000,000 $TRK
Gradual over 5 years
In-game Rewards
30,000,000 $TRK
Gradual over 3 years
Community Treasury
2,000,000 $TRK
Gradual over 3 years
Founders & Team
20,000,000 $TRK
Gradual over 5 years
Ecosystem & Marketing
28,000,000 $TRK
Gradual over 3 years
Partnership & Advisors
10,000,000 $TRK
Gradual over 3 years
Terakohin ($TRK) is an ERC-20 utility token for H-Hedz Sharksquad NFT P2E Game. $TRK holders will enable them to claim rewards if the holder stakes their tokens, plays the game, and/or participates in any events or activities. The chart below is the detailed bar graph explaining the tokenomics of the token, thoroughly breaking down the total maximum supply and the role to be played by $TRK holders supporting the H-Hedz NFT Game.
Private Sale is exclusive for a group of people such as a company related to NFTs, Venture Capitalists, and Organizations lastly private sale is also accessible for individuals that bring value to the project and the token allocated is 90% discount to Public Sale. Any individual interested in the private sale can contact us via Discord and by creating a support ticket.

Private & Presale

Private Token for Sale
10,000,000 $TRK (5% of total supply)
Presale Token for Sale
20,000,000 $TRK (10% of total supply)
Private Price
0.01 $USDT = 1 $TRK
Presale Price
0.05 $USDT = 1 $TRK
Private Goal
100,000 $USDT
Presale Goal
1,000,000 $USDT
First come first serve
Referral Commission
Private: 10% / Presale: 5%
Unlock on TGE
10.02% on TGE will be released and 8.18% every month until the 12th months.
Max Supply
200,000,000 $TRK
Initial Circulating Supply
48,506,000 $TRK (24.25% of total supply)
Initial Market Cap
$4,850,600.00 - 48,506,000 $TRK
Projected MC x2
$9,701,200.00 - 48,506,000 $TRK
Projected MC x5
$24,253,000.00 - 48,506,000 $TRK
Projected MC x10
$48,506,000.00 - 48,506,000 $TRK

Initial Token Prices

Our Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) will have 3 phases; Private Sale, Presale and Public Sale.
The prices vary of each stage:
  • Private Sale: 1 $TRK = 0.01 $USDT / 10,000 $TRK = 100 $USDT
  • Presale: 1 $TRK = 0.05 $USDT / 2,000 $TRK = 100 $USDT
  • Public Sale: 1 $TRK = 0.1 $USDT / 1,000 $TRK = 100 $USDT