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$TRK Token

Token Contract Address : 0x204b9FcC502C5b1b2a05637F0434ba7Ac5d287b4

$TRK Introduction

TERAKOHIN($TRK) is a utility token that will be airdropped to H-Hedz NFT holders staking their NFT. Here are the following utilities of $TRK;
  • Can be traded on Crypto exchange platforms.
  • Can be used for the in-game feature of H-Hedz Sharksquad.
The value of $TRK will be determined by the community's participation towards the project's utility such as P2E and Staking.
Terakohin ($TRK)

Multiple users benefiting from more utilities equals more value!

The more users engage with $TRK, the more $TRKs may be produced and used, fostering a robust circular economy. The economy will grow to support $TRK value when H-Hedz Sharksquad adds additional features and game modes to its plan.