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The Crisis

Terakuwa: Crisis Strikes
A world basking in peace and prosperity is a world about to face a catastrophe. That is exactly what Terakuwa faces right now, a crisis so fatal it could render the entire planet, the fabled Terakuwan civilization dead on its track. But what could cause the demise of a planet so alive and kicking its legend travels across galaxies becoming a myth from which other civilizations model their planetary visions?
At the peak of their affluence, the Terakuwans got just a little bit too relaxed, that while thriving, their energy source located at the very core of the ocean planet is nearing total depletion. Some say the instruments monitoring the mineral had a glitch, while others claim it was a plain miscalculation of the team in charge of mining it. Whatever it is, this might be the single greatest screwup in their history, one that could lead to their end.
Trillions of species of plants and animals live in harmony in Terakuwa. Their ecosystem is three times as copious and sophisticated as that of Earth. The Terakuwan technology is top-notch even at an intergalactic standard. The mineral can provide all the energy the creatures and machines on the planet need for the next five billion years, or so they thought. Grave mistake.