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The Heroes

Terakuwa's heroes, the H-Hedz, a group of young Terakuwans determined to save their world after the ministry has undermined the impending threat.
Let’s meet the crew. H-Hedz is a crew of hammerhead shark humanoids. They are young urban professionals by day and musicians by night. Each possesses his own quirks, talents, and tastes. They’re a crew roused by music, fashion, and the good life, drawn toward the classic, smart, and timeless.
As his name implies, Apex heads the squad. The rest looks up to him for his intelligence and maturity. He is their song-writer, and a wizard on the fretboard, playing lead guitar. As a designer in an architectural firm, Apex teems with talent beyond music. He rides a vintage motorcycle—his second baby, the first being his guitar. Although he isn’t the chattiest in the group, Apex’s genius does the talking for him.   
Swift, the youngest Hedz, is the perfect complement to Apex. This spry “tech princess” is one happening gamer and vlogger. She holds a computer engineering degree under her belt, an epitome of substance and flair.
Every clique has that one guy who vibes with everyone, and for the H-Hedz it’s Faze. The band’s frontman, Faze is unfazed by any song or crowd, no pun intended. He performs and connects, that’s what he does. He is a marketing associate by day, another role that fits him seamlessly. Faze likes dressing up the way he likes injecting life into any occasion.   
To complete the squad, we have Snap. You don’t want this gym junkie snapping on you. Luckily Snap is a “gentle giant,” the protector of the group. That’s about right considering he is a medical doctor. He is the drummer, keeping time for every groove H-Hedz plays. And if you’re new in town, Snap is your tour guide to every alley and hole-in-the-wall, not to mention the best steakhouses around.