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H-Hedz is not a licensed, unlicensed, or exempted financial or payment service of any type in any jurisdiction, including, but not limited to, the overall project, native token, non-fungible tokens, website, smart contracts, and any other related apps or games as outlined in this whitepaper. Any terminology used in this document — hereinafter referred to as the H-Hedz—is meant to serve as a guide only and has no actual or legal significance in a regulated and/or financial context. Without a centralized authority, such as shareholders, promoters, managers, directors, or other entities exercising any kind of centralized control, H-Hedz is a decentralized and community-driven enterprise.
Smart contracts relating to H-Hedz are open-source, security-audited, and permanent on the Ethereum blockchain. The native token shouldn't be viewed as e-money, fiat money, or a stablecoin backed by assets, whether it has a broad or narrow scope. This document by itself does not constitute a contract or other type of contractual agreement. This document does not constitute an invitation, a solicitation, or an offer to buy H-Hedz or the native token with the hope of making money in any way.
Any H-Hedz user hereby certifies that they have obtained all necessary technical, administrative, regulatory, and legal advice both before and subsequent to accessing and/or reading this document, website, dApp, and/or game. Any H-Hedz user acknowledges that there is an inherent risk associated with accessing, obtaining, and/or utilizing any type of blockchain, including the H-Hedz Metaverse. The user further accepts that any type of damage, including total loss, may be caused and fully disclaims any liability for any community member who is directly or indirectly participating in the project.
The information in this Whitepaper is subject to change or update and should not be interpreted as a commitment, promise, or guarantee by the H-Hedz team or any other person or organization mentioned in this Whitepaper regarding the future availability of services related to the use of the tokens or regarding their future performance or value.