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Learn About The Team Behind H-Hedz
The team behind H-Hedz is a group of dynamic individuals, determined to fashion something special in the NFT world! Hailing from a variety of different backgrounds, we combined our talents to create an exciting NFT project.
Together we have more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, digital design, and branding. We came together to create H-Hedz for you.
Cedric Hornedo, Co-founder / Artist The creator of H-Hedz Sharksquad. "Direk Ced," as they call him, is a Director, Creative technologist and a Vocal Filmmaking advocate in the country in the past decade. He is the founder of X1-Digital, a group of dynamic multidisciplinary artists focusing on immersive media technology. Part of the current pantheon of Filipino digital art, Ced is the artistic heart and soul of the team. Facebook / X1 Website / X1 Instagram​
Tommy Dee, Co-founder / Advisor
A traveler, artist, film-actor, film-maker and serial entrepreneur. He has been to more than 90 countries, has taken part in many business and film projects, some of which are in the Philippines and Hawaii. Tommy committed to the crypto game in 2017, and he has garnered a winning track record ever since. Tommy's mix of artistry and business-mindedness gives the group a think-outside-the-box ability, a leverage the team has.
​Facebook / Twitter / Instagram​
Erwin Gatchalian, Project Lead / Blockchain Specialist
One of the most essential roles in the group is played by Erwin Gatchalian. He is our blockchain specialist. He has in-depth knowledge in programming including those most relevant for the crypto space. He is a highly-skilled web-developer with extensive experience in web 3.0, coding and scripting, and troubleshooting. His CV, containing all his skills and works, is as thick as the Yellow Pages.
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X1 Digital, Production
X1-Digital is a media-tech company that develops solutions for Virtual Production, Interacting design & Realtime Animation. We’re a creative team of strategic and innovative experts committed to solving complex challenges in the world of digital media & production.
Martin Patacsil, Technical Director / Facebook​
William Sagun, VPS Specialist / Facebook​
Arneil Garcia, Lead Generator
Arneil Garcia's professional communicational skills are considered to be the nerve of this project for it gives life and sustainability throughout the process. The method of attracting prospects to H-Hedz and increasing their interest through nurturing, all with the end goal of converting them into an investor is one of Arneil's biggest specialties that he brings towards H-Hedz. Arneil is also an avid investor and a crypto analyst for several years up until the present time.
Aljo Sibugan, Project Analyst
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