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Technologies We Use

The H-Hedz team is composed of specialists in the four main technologies we use to continuously improve and deliver better outcomes for our community. These four important technologies are Openzeppelin, Thirdweb, Unreal Engine and Ethereum.


It enables us to set up preventative security safeguards for our Web3 applications. By utilizing its audit services, we can be sure that our procedures adhere to a set of accepted standards. In this manner, hackers won't undermine the system's security.


Thirdweb is a platform that offers a set of tools for artists, designers and businesspeople to quickly construct, launch, and operate a Web3 project. It enables users to add functions like marketplaces, NFTs and many more in which it will make everyone's experience much more easier and accessible.

Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine enables us to come up with something extraordinary in terms of game development. Unreal Engine is a full set of development tools for games, architectural and automotive visualization, linear film and television content generation, and many more.


The team of H-Hedz is composed of well-versed and experts in Ethereum technology and the team is making sure that the utilization of the technology is at 100%