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Why Invest in H-Hedz?

Long-term Sustainability Vision

The Problem

NFT projects with a P2E feature frequently experience economic collapse. This typically occurs when established players accumulate NFTs and make withdrawals on their rewards in large quantities without giving anything back to its community. The economy starts to slow down when there aren't enough newcomers or players since the whales have devoured all the rewards for themselves and there aren't enough other players to give them incentives. When this happens, game designers frequently become panicked and enact rash decisions that catch the surviving players off guard, eroding their trust and making an already difficult situation even worse.

The Solution

H-Hedz Sharksquad came up with a game changer mathematical solution solver software that can sustain the project's game economy in a long term perspective exclusively for the H-Hedz Sharksquad NFT used only.
With our very own Blockchain Developers programming and mathematical skills combined the H-Hedz team were able to create something revolutionary in today's market in this industry wherein majority of the P2E projects cannot sustain the immense growth of their game engagement hence the Utility Token of their project will then suffer. With this on our hand the project's economy will be balanced and profitable for our players in a long term perspective.

In-game pool: Reserve & Rewards

All sales from the project's P2E feature will go straight to the in-game pool in which it will be equally divided into two sectors; 50% for the Rewards and another 50% for the Reserves.

Purpose of In-game pool;

  • Rewards will be used to refill the in-game rewards and this will allow each and every player to withdraw their earnings for this will be given out exclusively for H-Hedz P2E players.
  • Reserves will be used for the other projects expenses such as staking, marketing, ecosystem, burning token and many more. This feature will allow the us, the developers to further improve the project in a long term perspective.